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MOLYER Shoes has been shaping the shoe fashion in Turkey since 1996.

With decades of experience in the industry MOLYER Shoes became a secret power behind the men’s shoe brands and ready-to-wear brands in Turkey.

With its total technical infrastructure of 3000 m2 closed area, the factory has the number of personnel exceeding 70 and produces 800 pairs of shoes a day and 220.000 pairs every year.

Since the establishment of the company, MOLYER Shoe has made an important contributions to the exports of the country. It has found itself in export markets with its own brand “MOLYER” as well as products produced for major European brands.

Exported countries includes; Italy, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizistan, China, New Zealand, Canada, USA, France and Japan


Since the day we started our journey with one pair of shoes, we have been crafting shoe in fıne details with our designers and shoe masters who work with passion.

We are honored and pleased for years to provide the most elegant and quality goods to our valued customers, who sees the shoes more than a product, but as a passion.

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